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"Just One More Hero..."

Just One More Hero is a powerful speech that will have a huge impact on anyone with children or anyone who is in a position to influence children. It doesn't matter what type of event, meeting, or gathering that might be coming up for you or your group or company. I will bring to them a message guaranteed to pump them up with all the right kind of positive energies, hopes, and aspirations.

I am committed to the ideal that a world without American Champions and Heroes would be a highly vulnerable world that would soon fall victim to its own apathy and inertia.

But I also believe that, increasingly, too many American children are falling victim to emotional and spiritual dehydration in a fast-paced world that too often robs our available minutes from those most in need of them.

There is no greater receptacle of love than the heart of a child.
Braden, Julia, and Dad
I'll share with them stories of great American families and how they avoided the "time-snare" and raised healthy, happy, and successful children. Children destined to be American champions - bound to be American heroes. Men and women, boys and girls, children and adults, great Americans all. I will challenge your audience's pride, honor, and commitment and compel them to envision greater possibilities for themselves and for their children.

The speech has versions lasting 30, 60, and 90 minutes.

Please contact me personally if you have questions or would like to book me as a Keynote Speaker at one of your meetings or events.

--Stephen L. Doherty

What is a hero without love for mankind?
~ Doris Lessing ~

"Steve Doherty delivers a rousing speech that will make your audience laugh, cry, and come out of their seats with pride in being an American father. He instills in his audiences a profound sense of purpose, love, and dedication to their children. You'll never look at your kids the same way again. Just awesome!"

--David Block, President & Founder - Make-It-Fly, LLC

Excerpts from my Speech...

The greatest mistake anyone can make is to accept the notion that they cannot influence the times through which they pass--one person cannot make a difference. We all suffer from it to one degree or another. But history irrefutably proves that one person is all that ever has. One person with a dream. One exceptional man or woman with a bold new vision of what could be and the strength of their convictions to overcome any obstacles, face down any challenges, and summon the necessary strength to see their visions through to fruition.

Any man who looks into the eyes of a baby and can still question his life's purpose, is either blind or a fool. There is no greater receptacle of love than the heart of a child. Spiritual and emotional dehydration can be devastating and the tragedy is how easily it can be avoided or remedied.

The greatest mistake anyone can make is to accept the notion that they cannot influence the times through which they pass

How many here believe that the greatest aspect of living in America is the freedom we extend to our citizens? Every hand always goes up - which always astounds me. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Only God can grant freedom. America, in its moral construct and brilliance, took firm steps not to impede freedom. They went further. They constitutionally guaranteed that freedom and vowed unconditionally to defend and protect that freedom.

America is a nation born of providence with a unique purpose and destiny. Since its birth we have seen our heroes and champions honor this covenant with unwavering sacrifice, commitment, and dedication - which in its absence would have left the world vulnerable to the designs of evil madmen and oppressive tyrants.

Hey I'm just a dad and what I've done in writing this book is not come up with some new ingenious formula for success. Hardly. What I have done is merely pick up and dust off the very best of our heritage and set it, once again, upon the family mantle - where it belongs. You'll recognize most of them and chances are that most of you here are very familiar with them and have already instilled these qualities in your own family.

So in closing, and in summary, I would like you to leave with the timeless advice given to the Tin Man by the Wizard of OZ, as he bestowed upon him the heart he always yearned for. "Remember, my shiny friend, it is not how much you love that matters - but rather how much you are loved... by others.


American champions and heroes aren't unique - but how we raise them is uniquely American!

To Father an American Champion

"It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother or a father. This speech hits all the right emotions and will change forever the way you spend your time and how you prioritize, or not, the lives of your children. Powerful and thought provoking!"

--TJ Henderson,
Regis Jesuit School

Featured In Steve's Book

Richard Kovacevich
CEO Wells Fargo, Inc.

Joe Kovacevich

John Wooden
UCLA Basketball Head Coach

Jack Elway
Coach-Denver Broncos

Millie Limbaugh

David Limbaugh

Mike Utley
Detroit Lions Player

Frank Utley

Joe Dumars
Detroit Pistons Former Player President

David Dumars

Ophelia Dumars

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