“To Father a Champion captures the spirit, ideals and values that I have always taught my own family as well as the young men that I have had the privilege to coach and mentor during my lifetime. My favorite passage regarding the importance of a father’s contribution to his children comes from Abraham Lincoln, ‘The best thing a father can do for his children . . . is to love their mother.‘”

— Former UCLA Basketball Coach, John Wooden

“My good friend Steve Doherty has possessed a single-minded vision since I’ve known him: to help guys like us become better dads. Steve knows there is nothing more important in the development of children than their fathers to be Godly men of character and integrity—and simply to be there as an integral part of the their lives. In the process of actualizing his own vision, Steve has become the very type of hero he depicts in his book and in his speeches.”

— David Limbaugh, Nationally Syndicated Columnist,
Author Absolute Power & Persecution, Conservative Commentator

TOUCHDOWN! Steve Doherty has drawn up an inspirational and uplifting “game plan” for fathers across the land. “To Father a Champion” reminds us of the power and influence we have as fathers on shaping the lives of our children and future generations. As a father of four boys, I certainly can attest to the value and importance of this book. Catch it!

— Former Denver Bronco, Ed McCaffrey