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How do you define what is truly a champion, a hero, a great American?

Steve Doherty is a native of Denver, Colorado, A 30-year tax and general business consultant, an author, and a sought-after speaker on the power of peak performance. His book, To Father a Champion, was a thoughtful and deliberate roadmap for his son Braden and daughter Julia to follow should he ever be absent from their lives, and has gone on to guide readers around the world to live their own Championship Life, both at work and at home.

His father James, a World War II vet, inspired Steve’s iconic phrase “Because Show Beats Tell!” with a life epitomized by actions taken, not merely words spoken. His writings and speeches are designed to remind his readers and audiences that we will long be remembered, not for our words, but for our actions and deeds. He believes everyone is capable of bridging the gap between vision and reality and uses his speaking and writing skills to assist and support those efforts.

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To Father a Champion

What is the essence of greatness, as it relates to raising children to become future heroes and champions?

To Father an American Champion… provides a roadmap for any father who wants to raise his children to become American Champions. The stories are upbeat and inspirational, utilizing anecdotes from great American legends and their families. My life is dedicated to honoring all fathers while encouraging them to be better fathers. The world will always need champions and heroes and American sons and daughters have historically answered that call because American fathers have instilled in them the seeds of tradition, honor, and purpose. By teaching them to live up to the word citizen – we preserve our common good.”

– Stephen L. Doherty, Author